Sunday, 26 October 2014

FIDDLING around the town - Mental health, addiction, guns and politics and phoney newspaper articles

Of course if one has imagination, fortitude ( what an old fashioned word , eh ) and some talent and has a life at least a bit of life like i have then there's doc. subjects abounding around town and country. Recently met a few but then that poor homeless, mental patient who was a crack addict got his hands on a gun and a guy with a car and shot a soldier at the war memorial and then drove to the Parliament Buildings and pulled off a few more shots while Harper hid in the closet ... now that's a doc since almost all of the papers except the vancouver based TYEE, didn't cover the truth - the reality of this man's mental condition - instead they speculated all sorts of gloom and doom about hidden cells and ISIS and terrorists when all that motivated the man was a mind gone askew and for that he died.... but the truth well never out unless someone like me or younger more talented and energetic seeker of truth makes the doc about this event in CaNADA's history...

Thursday, 25 September 2014

ahhh taking a long look at doc shorts

since i was out of movie making for a decade or more and now that i've been back into it for a few years , i'm finding things have changed so much in the past 15 years that i've got to re-evaluate my method of dealing with all those new changes sooooooo more later.

Watched AFFLICTED a box office success story of a Cdn monster movie thinking what shit i ain't gonna like this but i did - very well made/developed - the second lead was weak but the main actor was strong and the incidents/circumstances that happened to him during his transition into a 'monster' were very well done - i congratulate the team making this movie

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

KIDNEY stones and other stoners

ahhh been a long time since i posted something and it was hernias and kidney stones rather than medical herbs from moncton. I once again am so disappointed in this Harper and his harpies removing our culture and creative things like CBC, gallery support and the like and instead he pours billions of our tax bucks into war machines like the F35 which like the subs he bought will never fly - what happened to my Canada the one that was peacekeeping and so lovely with helping the downtrodden with compassion now it's helping them with a taser - Harper's wish to turn our country into a mini hamerica with cops beating the shit outta people rather than talking them into co-operation - ahhhh this is one time i wish for the good old days when our arts were supported by our government ... after all we are defined by our CULTURE not by our warplanes ... aren't we??

Friday, 16 May 2014

Making movies for $40,000 bucks says the latest post from British source

That made me chuckle 'cause in Canada most of us would relish the thought of having that much money to make a movie - mostly we do shoestring budgets and mostly broken shoestrings gathering kind and generous people who work for fun/creative reasons rather than moola only - those enormour budgets that HOLYwoody purports to have to shoot 100mil movies are absolutely impossible  in fact that amount can come into a Canadian reality which would be like 1/100th of that amount would be enormously generous budgets.... and u know when the CRTC forced radio stations to play Cdn Music in Prime Time, the music biz here bossomed - if THE CRTC FORCED TV & THEATRE OUTLETS TO DO THE SAME like in QUEBEC our movies would thrive and our output increase in quality and quantity - but that will never haPPEN - HOLYWOODY has us by the gonads and always will since guys like Harper bows to their needs not the creator's needs

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Well things move slowly ... working away but slowly some aches and pains and stones

Yeah BEAUTIFUL BACHELORS moving along while my two docs on homelessness/mental illness are preping for festivals/etc POETRY OF PAYNE about homeless street poet ROBERY PAYNE is now no longer homeless with the help of the sisters at ST FELIX in Toronto's Queenwest area a warm and respectable place was found for ROB who now is in his homesweet - a great moment in his life as his alleyway home was being locked for CONDOworld to take over like how they are taking over much of Toronto's downtown and turning it into some sort of dull-non artistic, non creative venue - now that's very sad indeed.

Monday, 3 February 2014

EVANCHUCK writes about 'When Things Fall Apart'

EVANCHUCK writes about WHEN THINGS FALL APART .. so slowly, so quickly, so dangerously insecure

Came across another fighter the other day - not in WaawaaHarperLAND but in BigCIty - he's also a man who's gone thru a lot; lost a lot; and is trying to get some of that 'lot' back ... not easy when u're well into or past middles age and when things u know have fallen apart - newspapers are not the same, getting press coverage isn't the same, promoting shit isn't the same so the learning curve always climbs upward - people flock like ants on the hill to view the latest Apple event which is really nothing more than more shit for people to buy stuff they usually don't need but somehow they have been convinced they do need it ... what happened to common sense, purpose, individualism and stuff like that? Rather sad how we all gather wool ... and baaaa baaa baaaa but today and for a long time life has been just fine, thank ya'll... as BOB says, 'Don't worry be happy; cause everything's gonna be alright.' STAY TUNED to a NEW FEATURE DOC 'WHEN THINGS FALL APART' now in pre production that will doc 'THE FALLING'

Saturday, 18 January 2014

A life lived more thoughtful, contemplative and productive and that's good

Yes it was not a fun year .. well not all of it some of it was did a lotta kayaking, movie-makihng, book-making, biking, hiking and then was hit with incredible stomach pain so severe had to call the ambulance to take me to hospital ( i live with cancer so hat's always a concern when such pain occurs since i'm hoping it's not some outbreak again and more chest splitting surgery required ) - my new life style excludes a lotta the night life fun i used to have until the cancer hit me. Unlike many of my comrades, amigos, colleagues and friends who died, i managed to survive to become an elder. An elder a everyone knows, has a life of moan&groan and 'freedom55' isn't any freedom for most. But that all said i enjoy life and have no interest to not enjoy it so i turned my energy, talent and moola into making creative work thus along came and and GOOP gallery. With my partner HELENE we have fun making art and making all sorts of creative things .. and thus a happy new beginning to a life lived hard and rough and now lived more thoughful, contemplative and productive... and that's good...

Thursday, 9 January 2014

the Sir Charles GD ROBERTS project continues slowly but surely

HELENE LACELLE's illustration of the crying oxen creates a totally modern 'look' to the hundred year old animal stories of GD ROBERTS, a NB born and raised writer who 'created' the animal story wherein he treates so called 'wild beasts' as humans i.e. they think and feel and react as we human animals do - along with E.T. SETON he was the first in the world to do so and as a result became world famous for these stories - his first collection of anmal stories sold 80,000 copies in N.A. which considering it was about 100 years ago this was fantastic.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

ahhh the life of an elder filled with aches and payne's and delays and Hernias, cancer, kidney stones and torn rotator cuff

yes the elder world full of aches, pains and illness whether we wer too lazy, too careless or too rough and tough on life, there comes a time ... yes and that time for me started in 2006 when my chest was split open, ribs split and a huge cancer tumour removed - and forever more .. i live with cancer go in for annual tests/scans and as long as it doesn't grow no more heart splitting surgery ... well, that's the tip of my 'berg' 'cause this past summer i passed some stones the kidney kind and just died of poop and pain on my way to shoot the ROBERTS' project in the Maritimes from editing B.B. in Montreal ( MC SARDA is editor did THE FASTRUNNER won numerous awards ) - projectile diahrea stopping on the roadside frequently - the #40 has some nice fertilizer. Anyway, enough of that and on with the story many but not all have a beginning, a middle and an end, but not this one at least not yet - yesterday was in hospital to have me HERNIA made back into a HIMnia i.e. flat tummy time - so all night and all day and for a few more days i'm trying to rest/sleep/avoid lifting more than a cup of tea - thus my projects once again are on backburner for a few more days ... ahh life in the slow lane isn't for me...

Rob Payne is now 'roomed' no longer homeless and wants me to catch up to his life in Toronto for B.B. as a man of means - his alleyway home is now kaput - boarded and fenced off and so that part of his life is over as he re-aquaints himself finally after 8 years living 'living rough' outside with living 'on the inside' in his room with a very limited view - basement apartment room. 

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

the sir Charles GD ROBERTS book and documentary .. update

last year i started documenting all of ROBERTS associations with NB: his birthplace in Douglas, his upbringing in Westcock around the Tantramar Marsh, his home on George Street in Fredericton, his burial spot near his university the UofNB, his schools and places of education/etc. This was for a book the front cover is exhibited above and for a documentary in progress ... the book will be published in Jan.2014.