Friday, 27 July 2012

PETER EVANCHUCK begins JOHNNY DOUGH-HO HUNTER - his first fiction movie in years

pic: Marilyn Mazerolle and Joe Blades pose in the pristine white marital cave of good and evil... home of the HOMIES:: Ms and Mr HUBBY

director/producer/cameraman PETER EVANCHUCK begins JOHNNY DOUGH-HO HUNTER - his first fiction movie in years

first shoot day with local actors/artists, Marilyn Mazerolle and Joe Blades, took place last Saturday with EVANCHUCK's usual no rehersals, no script, no meetings type of shoot - Mazerolle and Blades play a happiliy married couple of HOMIES living in a white cave - the former home of Bil Pigeon and Veronica Hasbeen - Mazerolle smiles shyly as she pretends to have enjoyed her honeymoon night with a man called HOMIE (BLADES plays HOMIE HUBBY a pubescent man about poems) who she met the night before at The LIBRARY pub in downtown F'ton:: home of the brave retreat of the yellow bellies.

Mazerolle enjoys acting when not bathing in the limelight of Queeneast where she's been a lifelong resident and gallery owner. Blades who writes poetry in the shower of salted water has run BrokenJaw press for decades catering to the lower strata of blockbusters who no longer watch videos but have returned to 'the written word'.

Their movie marriage is based on moronic lust,after a night at the LIBRARY drowning their sorrows in brews, look up from their daze and gaze on each other since even all the loosers have left and they, being the only two left in the bar, decide they were meant for each other so form a marriage of convenience and are married by the bartender who happens to be known as Mr Tattoo and is released from the NuttyHouse on weekends to marry loco locals.

Each knows JOHNNY DOUGH but neither knows of his whereabouts and cannot help DEPUTY CRUMBUM (played by Evanchuck) find the HO HUNTER - Deputy Crumbum is desperately trying to find a HO before dawn and while he still has a woody.

more to come.... as the director attempts to imagine the next scene in his big head ...