Wednesday, 24 April 2013

here's some thing on my new FEATURE doc BEAUTIFUL BACHELORS

EVANCHUCK's thoughts on the ins and outs of making things or how to live with cancer and still 'LIVE' - BEAUTIFUL BACHELORS

Like so many others i manage to survive operations that split my chest open to clear all that stuff inside of cancer and to remove a very large tumour that had grown from my thyroid down into my lung area - fortunately i had two surgical teams on throat the other chest who did a great job since i'm still alive and able to live sort of normally.

Biking, kayaking, sailing and making movies although now go slower and longer than perhaps 'normal' ; nevertheless, I'm still up and at 'em. Health has now become paramount to my present and future on this lovely planet.

My latest venture is a feature doc.  BEAUTIFUL BACHELORS which pays homage to three amazing guys i've hung with for decades who are now also in rough shape: Gerry 96, LARROW 87 and ROBERT 50. The feature length documentary traces some of those decades, some of those wonderful years of befriending each other and managing to continue to live thru 'hard times'.

My other two docs now doing the festival circuit and conference circuit - MARKO'SMANIA, THE POETRY OF PAYNE,  completed over the past few years also traces lives of people i've lived life with over decades thru the ups and downs, thru the good and the bad - the shit and the gravey one might term it. hard living and hard drinking and hard full lives gave us all a taste of something so special without boundries that most middle classless people in today's worlds are terrified to cross into. Those limitless boundries, of course, had things like fairness and compassion; thus, today we are still friends, still tolerating the other's 'oddities' but now unlike much of those decades of living fully, i'm documenting as much as i can, pulling out decades of 8mm footage, still 35mm pics, and whatever i can find that will give the viewer a small look at what a big world we lived in and as that old movie titles 'we had a WONDERFUL LIFE that now is ..... mmmmm not over yet - watch out here comes BEAUTIFUL BACHELORS !! 

excuse me now i have to nap....

GERRY died a short while back from exposure... very sad indeed but his bi-polar energy kept him fully alive for 96 years!