Friday, 16 May 2014

Making movies for $40,000 bucks says the latest post from British source

That made me chuckle 'cause in Canada most of us would relish the thought of having that much money to make a movie - mostly we do shoestring budgets and mostly broken shoestrings gathering kind and generous people who work for fun/creative reasons rather than moola only - those enormour budgets that HOLYwoody purports to have to shoot 100mil movies are absolutely impossible  in fact that amount can come into a Canadian reality which would be like 1/100th of that amount would be enormously generous budgets.... and u know when the CRTC forced radio stations to play Cdn Music in Prime Time, the music biz here bossomed - if THE CRTC FORCED TV & THEATRE OUTLETS TO DO THE SAME like in QUEBEC our movies would thrive and our output increase in quality and quantity - but that will never haPPEN - HOLYWOODY has us by the gonads and always will since guys like Harper bows to their needs not the creator's needs

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Well things move slowly ... working away but slowly some aches and pains and stones

Yeah BEAUTIFUL BACHELORS moving along while my two docs on homelessness/mental illness are preping for festivals/etc POETRY OF PAYNE about homeless street poet ROBERY PAYNE is now no longer homeless with the help of the sisters at ST FELIX in Toronto's Queenwest area a warm and respectable place was found for ROB who now is in his homesweet - a great moment in his life as his alleyway home was being locked for CONDOworld to take over like how they are taking over much of Toronto's downtown and turning it into some sort of dull-non artistic, non creative venue - now that's very sad indeed.