Thursday, 29 November 2012

Host/CHEF Peter Evanchuck with Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson

Host/Organizer Helene Lacelle, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson and host/CHEF Peter Evanchuck

Kitchen volunteers, Francois Bregha, Marc Lacelle, Dallas Fletcher and Chef Peter Evanchuck

On Nov.18, host/organizer Helene Lacelle with partner CHEF Peter Evanchuck hosted the 6th annual Sandy Hill ONE & ONLY Arts+Crafts SALE. Peter's unstoppable spirit prepared and cooked food for over 1000 people for the event. With the help of his 'dream team volunteers' they chopped, boiled and fried all day to the delight of all vendors and visitors! What a day!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

and then finally after compressing and uploading to utube the trailers came up MARKO'sMANIA easy and smoothly but thePOETRYofPAYNE just did not wanna come up clean and looking ok - hours later she be working ok - i think FCPro and me are not easy companions!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

buddies in bad and good times ROBERT PAYNE street poet with PETER EVANCHUCK

Last weekend at Toronto's QUACrawl at Trinity Park about 20,000 guests and 250 artists including us showed&sold their creative work - buddies dropped by to help out and chat - good fun had by all - after celebrated at JAVA HUT with MILLS organic brews using my Garden 'sroom moola to pay the tab..

POSTCARD from TORONTO::: Photos from my two old buddies LARROW & GERRY

It's sad to see so many of my buddies passing away - while in Toronto i found out GUITAR PETE only 48 died last year heart failure/drugs - that's 27 guys i used to hang with have died in the past ten years - very sad indeed - poor LARROW is on his way out ... both bachelors are very thin but old GERRY being bi-polar is full of vim&vinigar came on the streetcar all the way to the Art show/sale which is about 5k's from his home - he had this, just met, young British gentleMAN help him off the street car and pushed his walker after finding out where in the maze of 250 tents/artists HELENE was located but they did!! - i said there were 5,000 visitors but that was wrong i just found out the count was more like 20,000 - a great show/sale and huge moola to be made - i sold 180 'srooms and could have sold more but of the 200 , 20 were not saleable i.e. cracked/forgot to put in spike - at $10. each mmmmmm moola for a month OR SO.. holiday this January in BELIZE & GUATEMALA (where I used to have a camp/shack/house not sure what one would call it - but in BELIZE it was called a house but it was sort of like RICK's shack/camp )

Photos from Toronto art show/sale QWAC ::: MARKO, ME, GERRY at 96 - he took the streetcar amazing !!

MARKO POLAKIWSKY's life with bi-polar illness is documented in Evanchuck's MARKO'sMANIA a half hour doc - GERRY McCORD plays a small part in it walking along Queen west with MARKO a decade ago or more ago...

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The BIG UKE Lebowski's with small cameras

PETER EVANCHUCK and MARKO POLAKIWSKY pose for HELENE LACELLE's camera before they take off to continue the NB UNESCO World Heritage BIOSPHERE shoot. Based in Chipman, they will spend time shooting the Biosphere then camp overnights as they move thru NS capturing the UNESCO world Heritage sites at GRAND PRE, JOGGINS and LUNENBERG. This is a lifelong documentation for MARKO who has crisscrossed Canada many times shooting, like Ansel Adams, using a 6x4.5 format Mamiya 645 . He and Evanchuck first started the documentary MARKO'sMANIA  in 1999 when they went across eastern Canada recording the sites. After a ten year hiatus, MARKO has overcome his bi-polar illness to continue pursuing his dream to document and publish a book on all the Canadian Heritage sites. Meanwhile Evanchuck is, with the help of HELENE LACELLE and MC SARDA, completing several documentaries on marginalized, good people who have overcome serious problems to pursue a life in creative work to contribute to their life and the lives of others.

Friday, 31 August 2012

MARKO'S MANIA - poster

 Videomaker Peter Evanchuck, captures in his 29 minute documentary, a 14 year journey in the life of Bi-Polar Marko Polakiwsky.


Videomaker Peter Evanchuck, documents  three weary winters in the life of Toronto Homeless Street Poet ROBERT THOMAS PAYNE.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

BOY times and times fly in all directions in movie WORLD

Ok ok we're all busy busy busy and all of us who are new and learning all about FinalCutPro6 then gets FCPro7 and has to learn about that as well as all the other shit one has to fill their snappy cells with means - it takes away the fevour of keeping one's blogs 'up to date'

Well now things have slowed down a bit the movies are heading for the festival roundups and hopefully will make a big splash like me when i belly flop off the flotilla of my endeavours - sorry for the absence of malice the biting wit and heavy satire of my comments about trying to learn a new field when one is well over the hillock of life's shining light of youthfullness.

Blessed me those who never stop life by stopping to learn something hard and new....

Peter the Cancer Survivor now Peter the FinalCutPro survivor !!

Friday, 27 July 2012

PETER EVANCHUCK begins JOHNNY DOUGH-HO HUNTER - his first fiction movie in years

pic: Marilyn Mazerolle and Joe Blades pose in the pristine white marital cave of good and evil... home of the HOMIES:: Ms and Mr HUBBY

director/producer/cameraman PETER EVANCHUCK begins JOHNNY DOUGH-HO HUNTER - his first fiction movie in years

first shoot day with local actors/artists, Marilyn Mazerolle and Joe Blades, took place last Saturday with EVANCHUCK's usual no rehersals, no script, no meetings type of shoot - Mazerolle and Blades play a happiliy married couple of HOMIES living in a white cave - the former home of Bil Pigeon and Veronica Hasbeen - Mazerolle smiles shyly as she pretends to have enjoyed her honeymoon night with a man called HOMIE (BLADES plays HOMIE HUBBY a pubescent man about poems) who she met the night before at The LIBRARY pub in downtown F'ton:: home of the brave retreat of the yellow bellies.

Mazerolle enjoys acting when not bathing in the limelight of Queeneast where she's been a lifelong resident and gallery owner. Blades who writes poetry in the shower of salted water has run BrokenJaw press for decades catering to the lower strata of blockbusters who no longer watch videos but have returned to 'the written word'.

Their movie marriage is based on moronic lust,after a night at the LIBRARY drowning their sorrows in brews, look up from their daze and gaze on each other since even all the loosers have left and they, being the only two left in the bar, decide they were meant for each other so form a marriage of convenience and are married by the bartender who happens to be known as Mr Tattoo and is released from the NuttyHouse on weekends to marry loco locals.

Each knows JOHNNY DOUGH but neither knows of his whereabouts and cannot help DEPUTY CRUMBUM (played by Evanchuck) find the HO HUNTER - Deputy Crumbum is desperately trying to find a HO before dawn and while he still has a woody.

more to come.... as the director attempts to imagine the next scene in his big head ...

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Making a doc. on a rather famous, homeless poet, ROBERT PAYNE is NOT all a bed of feathers. I've known ROBERT for decades thru thick, thin and the ups and the downs of his and my life. We've managed to remain in contact sometimes with difficulty and sometimes with much difficulty over those decades. Driving 5 hours from Ottawa, or 17 hours from NB isn't the easiest way to make a doc. on a very money-poor, self-financed movie. Recently, ROB's home of 4 years got closed down and one a recent trip down to get some 'pick-ups' i was confronted with a 'No Trespassing' sign where his blue tarp 'cocoon' used to be tucked alongside the wall. So i went looking for ROB but without success - he was no longer at his usual haunts .... so i returned home. Then after an email hiatus, ROB communicated with me again and eventually we managed to hook up and i managed to get my pick ups but his clothing had changed and his appearance had changed so that required a major shift in how the doc. would be structured and that caused some real concerns since the new footage would not be inserted at various points in the doc. as anticipated but would have to be cut and placed as a complete scene and that means a new opening which just isn't working out as planned since we had already structured a rather good opening and closing of the doc.... now as the saying goes, 'what to do; what to do'

The DECLINE, FALL and RISE OF PAYNE is slowly moving toward it's completion and i'm slowly learning more and more about FINALCUT pro 6 and 7 since I do believe that all moviemakers or as we used to call ourselves 'filmakers' should know about camera/editing to make their movie THEIR MOVIE and not the cameraman's or editor's movie ... more on this later...

ROB tells me that that someone somehow wants to take my title and put it on their doc. mmmmmm now that's a no no, guys!!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

GERRYlive - the life and times of a man who at 96 struggles to live fully and for himself

Sophia and Gerry McCord at the Paddock Tavern on Queen W. in Toronto, 1991
I met GERRY McCORD decades back when i rambled along biking up and down QueenWest in Toronto's 'art&create' district - back in the 80's into much of the 90's it was the 'Main' of Toronto where dozens upon dozens of very talented and wild real people, freaks, doppelgangers and the like hung and hugged and embraced the creative live full out and high throttle - nights never ending 'till dawn - night after night after month after years. Away from most of that stuff were the normal or near normal regulars who lived in the area sort of not even aware that it was taken over by creators of creations - artists who always look for interesting cheap places to live, love and linger. For many of them it was a bit run down, cheaper than living elsewhere and right downtown in the heart of everything that was anything.

GERRY was and is one of those normal citizens who lived in the area in the senior citizens aparatments. He was always out and about always walking, checking things out paying attention to things that inerested him which were very unusual.  The locals knew him as the man who was out every day and night wandering in and out of places. He was a man who was then in his 70's who loved geometry, who actually met and spoke rather often with world famous, projectile geometer, Coxeter. GERRY would bring his geometric ramblings into the Paddock tavern at Bathurst and Queen and amid the BOPkids on BOPnight would want to go thru his endless meanderings of point a, point b and so on. He was wild about geometry, women and life and, he was and is, an undiagnosed bi polar who is now at the age of 96 still filled with the fevour of the mania but settled in his senior citizens apartment and with failing eyesight and failing health finally calming down fearing that a fall on his replaced hips might cripple him for life and that he says would mean suicide, 'No point living like that .. in a chair!'

I have been recording bits and pieces of my encounters with GERRY over those decades, sometimes nothing more than notes on a pad, other times photographs, sometimes video or film but always memory placed his personality into my movements thru life -

As my life took me away from Queen west, I never forgot GERRY and still, when in Toronto, go see him and listen to his hours and hours of thoughts of his life, his actions, his way of living those many decades as a single man attached only to himself and as he says, 'I'm always in love... in love with myself.'

An odd way to sum up ones life but an honest one and i do believe after those decades of listening to GERRY and watching his life unfold, that he really does mainly care for himself more than any other person and admits it openly; whereas, most people do that but few admit it so boldly...

At the present time when i'm in Toronto i record his life and thoughts and may one day put them into some form of a document that will reveal his life to others - there's only one GERRYlive, believe me!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Peter Evanchuck Looking for MOTION MAGAZINE!

Co-op Members PETER EVANCHUCK and HELENE LACELLE have spent part of their hibernating winter months building new websites/blogs - in particular, EVANCHUCK, who originated and was the publisher and editor of MOTION magazine, figured it was important to gather together all the issues of MOTION and exhibit available copies on line since it's probably one of the important pieces of Canadian Film/Theater/TV history - 'We would like to make the contents of MOTION available to all interested organizations/persons so figured the best way would be to put them on line.' - and so they've been worked at it and now slowly but surely, it's appearing on line.

Articles on probably all the the early flim/theatre/tv personalities up to 1980 were probably in one or many issues of MOTION - this could range from very popular persons like Alan King, Claude Jutra, Pierre Berton, Don Shebib or Donald Sutherland to lesser known ones like Peter Pearson, Michel Breault, Richard Leiterman or Daniel Pilon. 'MOTION was the only national magazine of it's sort before and at that time and perhaps still is the only one. It was such fun looking at all those old articles. Nostalgia just poured out of me as i recallled those days. We were 
all so very hopefully that somehow the Canadian 'scene' would blossom, bloom and explode but unfortunately then, like now, it was held back by bad political decisions and the force of Hollywood.'  

Since they are missing some issues anyone who may have knowledge of those issues to sell (we'll pay up to $50. for pristine copies) - "It would be mighty fine to have a complete set of all the issues but so far we're still missing about a dozen."

u can either go to our web site at and click on MOTION or click the links below

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A life of recording each and every week of it - sort of that is ...

Guitar Pete and Movie Pete. Just another wild and wooley night at the Duke of Connaught Tavern, Toronto, May 16,1994.

Like other artists who've led an interesting, full and active life living somewhat on the 'edge' of it all,  I managed to record much of it. The people, the parties, the never ending nights that turned into dawns, the rought and tumble, the highs and lows, the energy of doing it night after night for decades all added up to a rather interesting array of snaps, videos, stories.
  So in my elder years i've been reviewing some of that stuff. sort of cleaning out the basement of my life's informal work one might say. Coming up with stuff that was never seen or seldom seen by others. For example, i've recorded much of the life of a wild and woolly 96 year old man, GERRY who was and still is to some degree the most active 'old timer' i've every known because his mind has always whirled from youth thru middle age into his elder and now his old age. His feet don't move him fast anymore by his mind moves his as fast as ever.
  He's one of the few males I know who have walked thru manic depression without treatment/meds of any sort. His bipolar-ness was never diagnosed because in those days he was simply called 'moody' sometimes very moody.  So moody that he sort of had to leave home in southern Saskatchewan and strike out on his own from coast to coast to coast in this country ending up in Toronto 60 years ago when he was almost 40 (yes today he's 967 alive and living on his own albeit with home care, a walker and almost blind. )
  So over the past 25 years, Gerry, is one of the amazing people that i've been recording over those years and last year i started to collate the material i had on him and realized that this man was much to interesting, now that i lead a much more boring life than i ever have led, to let this material linger and turn into dust.
  This meant that last Spring/Summer I started to get more footage on his present life and ideas to augment what i have to bring that archival stuff on his early days into the 21st century. After all in only 3 years he'll be a century old and one of those rare individuals, like Napoleon, Lincoln or Churchill, who have never been treated for an mental disorder we not call bi-polar. 
  This is one of several docs i'm now working on with footage shot over years on very interesting people who have rather remarkable stories to tell and lives to show ... at least I think so and my present dull life only reinforces that these individuals are really startlingly unique...

Peter Evanchuck

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Just when u think u know enough BANG and FCPro tells ya 'Learn more'

 So i'm setting up a new project on FCPro so the first thing I do is click on file and select 'name new project' which I do then I name and date that project then I set the scratch disc which can be a tricky enterprise since some say make a folder for all ur docs and others say save it to the Desktop - as usual one determines what they prefer and that's often the answer when one gets to learn say a little more than a little in FCPro - each editor i've talked with to help me understand FCPro over the past year has his or her own way of arriving at the time line finished movie - overall i prefer the drag and drop method whenever possible and seldom use the keyboard but use the top menu tabs and scoll down for many procedures but sometimes the movement of the timeline, the ins and outs, the increase or decrease time line length and so on i don't use the menu tabs but use the keyboard soooooo the 'pint is' my dear amigos is that as one learns;  one learns what suits their character in the 'making this damn thing' work well so that one spends most of their time in the creative work of making their movie rather than spending time wondering what the hell went wrong... and that sort of 'what the hell went wrong' was half of my work day today ... I'm going to say my prays tonight and light a candle ... wondering if that'll help my poor aging brain work more effectively. see u in the morning ... perhaps

Peter E.