Thursday, 29 November 2012

Host/CHEF Peter Evanchuck with Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson

Host/Organizer Helene Lacelle, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson and host/CHEF Peter Evanchuck

Kitchen volunteers, Francois Bregha, Marc Lacelle, Dallas Fletcher and Chef Peter Evanchuck

On Nov.18, host/organizer Helene Lacelle with partner CHEF Peter Evanchuck hosted the 6th annual Sandy Hill ONE & ONLY Arts+Crafts SALE. Peter's unstoppable spirit prepared and cooked food for over 1000 people for the event. With the help of his 'dream team volunteers' they chopped, boiled and fried all day to the delight of all vendors and visitors! What a day!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

and then finally after compressing and uploading to utube the trailers came up MARKO'sMANIA easy and smoothly but thePOETRYofPAYNE just did not wanna come up clean and looking ok - hours later she be working ok - i think FCPro and me are not easy companions!