Sunday, 20 January 2013

BEAUTIFUL BACHLORS the movie begins XmasDay 2012

Yep finally back into the feature movie biz after a very long hiatus caused by cancer, care for ill/dying mother and last but least general malaise .... floating around town rather aimlessly at times - after all doing nothing takes time and energy.

That all over with ( i live with cancer and go in for annual tests ) i march to the creative folks tune once again. Yep BEAUTIFUL BACHLORS captures the life&times on Toronto's QueenWest of homeless Poet ROBERT PAYNE and his buddy AUGUSTUS LARROW both are living on modest or less income : ROB homeless living in an alleyway opening doors at Tim's for spare change, writing poetry and trying to sell it for living money and getting a small stipend from social assistance. He's adamant that he'll not accept urine smelling, fleabag, junkie filled, dirty rooms in rooming houses but demands to be treated as a normal human being despite being feral after 7 years living outside, urban camping in wet or cold year'round sleeping bags in alleys off Queenwest.
LARROW on the other hand has a small one bedroom apartment just off Queen where he's opened his door too often and to too many people in need who often steal from him but NOT ROBERT who helps shop and answers to his needs. They both survive, both marginalized surviving as the living poor in Canada's richest city, Toronto.

BEAUTIFUL BACHELORS covers 6 years in their friendship, surrounded by their declining health and life amid changing times of their neighbourhood as CONDOworld takes over, where the S&Ms invade like barbarians trying to make the art area of QueenWest resemble and remind them of ScaRBERIA or MessySAUGA with Loblaws, NewBanks, Newfurniture stores, ShopperDrugMart remind one of a wealthy section of Bloor rather than the grunge of former art colony - QUEENwest.

They are buddies in good and bad times helping each other as they survive the changing times of their worlds with humour, humanity and modest hubris.