Friday, 27 December 2013

the SIR CHARLES GD ROBERTS project ongoing and slowly advancing

so on location working away on the ROBERTS project which intends to become a documentary and a book - the book which is comprised of selections from his 'animal stories' with illustrations by HELENE LACELLE is well on the way and soon to be published - ROBERTS is known now only as 'the father of CDN poetry' but also the author who created the 'animal story' where the animals have human-like characteristics - they think, feel and act often like we do... they are not dumb creatures or at least no dumber than we are.. He was born in Douglas, NB and raised in Westcock, NB where his father was rector of St Mary's church located in the heart of the famous Tantramar Marsh. It's from his early days living in and around this marsh that Roberts picked up his love and understanding of nature.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

ROBERT PAYNE formerly homeless street poet now living domestic no longer 'rough in alley' ROB PAYNE now HOMED

With the help of the NUN's at St Felix, ROB managed to get a room and gave up his alley home or rather perhaps his alley home closed down on him - someone fenced it off/boarded it up and ROB would have to find another home sweet if he wanted to remain homeless but after 8 years living outside in Toronto now 50 years old, he was feeling the negative affects of his life style sooooo with the devoted help of the NUN's ROB PAYNE now HOMED ( he was on CBC's the NATIONAL Friday last )

BUILDING NEW STUDIO ... Beautiful Bachelors resting for now while building - G.D. ROBERT's book/doc moving along again

So one does what one does ... yep another Yogi saying or was that Steven the Seagull? - read a funny comment about him that he's the only man who gained hair in his elder years in fact gained a widow's peak - must be natural says the comment on one of his movies. Sir G.D.ROBERT's research going well for book almost got it completed waiting for HELENE's illustrations - gonna combine her very unique stuff with Robert's traditional animal stories ... the doc is at a very early stage just gathering image so far.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Just went in another direction ..

yeah i've left these blogs alone for a while soooo much to do sooooo little time - had a pile of health misfortunes that slowed me down and forced me to mind my health and take a break - should be back at it sooner than later - work on ROBERT's doc and book moving along slowly - my docs are resting like me they need a temporary nap - zzzzzzzzz