Saturday, 31 March 2018

Helene Lacelle Reviewing Images for Peter Evanchuck's up-coming comedy 'Goodie Meets Happy'


HELENE LACELLE listens to the gypsy ZOLTAR in Niagara Falls for her
role in  EVANCHUCK's 'GOODIEmeetsHAPPY' - an absurd comedy

One of the many great things digital technology offers the creative filmaker is 'cheap'. It brings out the creative artist since one does NOT have to run around looking for money to start or complete a project.  Shooting film always forced money concerns on the creative artist - so many became CFO's instead of filmmakers.
CFO's  were forced to make long lists of financial needs and ways. So, whatever creative artist they had in their blood was eradicated slowly over time and they became show business producers instead. They would revel in the money instead of the art.
Helene Lacelle and Peter Evanchuck prefer the creative artist approach to filmaking so digital is their miracle. They make creative flipbooks, shorts and most recently Lacelle used iMOVIE on her iMAC 21.5 to create personal docs she entitled, "Petit Voyage avec Pierre".

"Peter and I make numerous road trips so, using my simple mini digital camera enables me to use footage not in a traditional movie way but more in a creative artist way." - Helene

As a result, Helene's jaunts with Peter become these odd, remarkable and very personal mini documentaries.

Check out her videos at:

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Check out: or or ( Lacelle was called the Neon Matisse of Canada; a name that stuck with her.)

Monday, 5 March 2018


Well i guess we've all had this miracle happen - well at least those who get off the couch and into a real living life.

Left Ottawa for Montreal to experience LUMIERE and NUIIT BLANCHE  Saturday a couple day ago and to shoot some image/sound for my drama-documentary BEAUTIFUL BACHELORS.

Came up with a new inclusion to make B.B. slide from a pure Doc. into a dramatic doc with a story line. So HELENE is now a character looking for a 'new life' with some interesting bachelors like she lived before her life changed into seclusion and 'aloneness'

Her first encounter as she travels Canada is with ZOLTAR a gypsey fortune teller and from there she get clues on her life and how to aquire what she wants. ZOLTAR is a fortune telling machine that gives fortunes for money.

So there we are in Montreal and i'm shooting a scene using the background of 'the village' and a large display of Quebec artists mounted in the snow on large blocks of white walls. HELENE talks about her life with Jano both living to the fullest having a great time the years they spent together.

The foootage is good and so we're returning to the van and i'm shooting some cover shots when i hear HELENE yelling after me - there she was calling out, 'It's JANO'

So hugs and excited words and we can hardly believe that after 25 years we found each other again at the exact time i'm shooting a scene where HELENE is talking about her wonderful life living with him in Toronto.

Since when friends meet after decades apart usually the connetion is immediate like no time has past and what amazes me is that JANO recognized us walking on the street like it was yesterday.

He tells us we haven't changed and i can hardly beiieve is since i've been going thru a decade of Cancer treaments with 4 major surgeries, radiaitons, etc .... but he did recognize us immediately.

So it seems that somehow that movemenet of 'getting out there' created a miracle for us and for the movie - we now have a cetral character for the 'new' dramatized story version of BEAUTIFUL BACHELORS - now that's what i call a MONTREAL MIRACLE and certain put a LUMIERE on my life.

All's always well when miracles happen, eh Canada?