Friday, 16 May 2014

Making movies for $40,000 bucks says the latest post from British source

That made me chuckle 'cause in Canada most of us would relish the thought of having that much money to make a movie - mostly we do shoestring budgets and mostly broken shoestrings gathering kind and generous people who work for fun/creative reasons rather than moola only - those enormour budgets that HOLYwoody purports to have to shoot 100mil movies are absolutely impossible  in fact that amount can come into a Canadian reality which would be like 1/100th of that amount would be enormously generous budgets.... and u know when the CRTC forced radio stations to play Cdn Music in Prime Time, the music biz here bossomed - if THE CRTC FORCED TV & THEATRE OUTLETS TO DO THE SAME like in QUEBEC our movies would thrive and our output increase in quality and quantity - but that will never haPPEN - HOLYWOODY has us by the gonads and always will since guys like Harper bows to their needs not the creator's needs

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