Wednesday, 27 August 2014

KIDNEY stones and other stoners

ahhh been a long time since i posted something and it was hernias and kidney stones rather than medical herbs from moncton. I once again am so disappointed in this Harper and his harpies removing our culture and creative things like CBC, gallery support and the like and instead he pours billions of our tax bucks into war machines like the F35 which like the subs he bought will never fly - what happened to my Canada the one that was peacekeeping and so lovely with helping the downtrodden with compassion now it's helping them with a taser - Harper's wish to turn our country into a mini hamerica with cops beating the shit outta people rather than talking them into co-operation - ahhhh this is one time i wish for the good old days when our arts were supported by our government ... after all we are defined by our CULTURE not by our warplanes ... aren't we??

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