Sunday, 26 October 2014

FIDDLING around the town - Mental health, addiction, guns and politics and phoney newspaper articles

Of course if one has imagination, fortitude ( what an old fashioned word , eh ) and some talent and has a life at least a bit of life like i have then there's doc. subjects abounding around town and country. Recently met a few but then that poor homeless, mental patient who was a crack addict got his hands on a gun and a guy with a car and shot a soldier at the war memorial and then drove to the Parliament Buildings and pulled off a few more shots while Harper hid in the closet ... now that's a doc since almost all of the papers except the vancouver based TYEE, didn't cover the truth - the reality of this man's mental condition - instead they speculated all sorts of gloom and doom about hidden cells and ISIS and terrorists when all that motivated the man was a mind gone askew and for that he died.... but the truth well never out unless someone like me or younger more talented and energetic seeker of truth makes the doc about this event in CaNADA's history...

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