Thursday, 29 September 2011

Peter Evanchuck muses on movie 'PAGE EIGHT'

{photo is a self timer one that's Peter Evanchuck with his handy mini full HD Sony HC3 equipped with Sony mini shotgun HGZ1 a very fine mini unit that really does the job - on iMAC screen is the famous  Cdn Photographer, Edward Burtynski, (Manufacturing Landscapes et al.}

It's only 17 hours to TIFF from tinyTOWN, NB (Chipman) but it was worth it to chat with Bruce MacDonald et al and to screen the closing entry at Toronto's Film Fest - PAGE EIGHT. David Hare the writer/director of PAGE EIGHT is a brilliant man to listen to and learn about sciptwriting and making films. He's not got a cliche in him as opposed to most others who only talk in trite cliches. PAGE EIGHT is a must see for movie makers. It's a thriller/suspense movie that has such a quiet reality the viewer is taken aback. Once again a film that all filmmakers should put on their 'must see' list.

Another fine filmmaker is Canadian Bruce MacDonald. Bruce has a unique way of raising moola for his movies (he was showing a follow up to his amazing HARD CORE LOGO) by selling credits - yes you read right, Bruce is selling producer, director, etc., etc., credits to raise money for his movies! Now that's a really dedicated filmmaker i.e. make 'em at any cost and isn't it in the making that counts not the buffet or the prestige or the baloney one encounters along the path of the making of the film - the great act of creating something, like David Hare, that shows others something they never quite thought of before in a way they never really though of... wow that's Voice in the BIG sense, eh?

Bruce never really told me exactly how raising money that way was 'raising enough money' for his movies. (by the way, pass that old cheese sandwich was heard on his frugal set.)

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