Saturday, 17 December 2011

Publisher/Editor Peter Evanchuck Viewing His Motion Magazine on the Imac

self timer shot of Peter Evanchuck viewing his new MOTION magazine blog

Decades back PETER EVANCHUCK, along with a fine group of talented people, created, edited and published for almost ten years Canada's ONLY bi-monthly film/theatre/tv national magazine MOTION magazine. EVANCHUCK is shown here with his trusty iMAC working on his new web site/blogs for and MOTIONmagazine.

Although published decades back MOTION is no longer being published but still remains the world's only magazine ever devoted exclusively to Canadian film, theatre and tv. Now in his 'elder' years Evanchuck plans to put 'on line'
all copies, all articles from MOTION to make them available to interested organizations and individuals.

MOTION was and still is a treasure trove of what happened in those earlier years of Canadian film, theatre and tv... when things in Canadian film were, sort of, getting 'hot'. Articles on the Toronto International Film Festival, Peter Pearson, Don Shebib, Richard Leiterman, Claude Jutra, Genevieve Bujold, Allan King, Centaur theatre, early Canadian Film Development Corp., Donald Sutherland, NFB, Budge Crawley, Carriere, Labrecque, Donald Brittain, Luce Guilbeaut, Harry Makin, Pierre Berton, Gordon Pinsent, Garth Drabinski,  and so on and on. In fact, every Canadian film, theare and tv person of those ten year eventually appeared or was mentioned in MOTION ... it was really a unique magazine.

It lasted for almost ten years 'cause it was supported for those years by devoted Canadian rental houses like Wm F. White, Quinn Labs, FIlm House, Alex Clark, Panavision, Kodak, NFB, CBC and eventually by 10,000 Canadian subscribers.

EVANCHUCK considers MOTION's impact on those areas of Canadian culture significant. In these times of Harper's desire to remove our culture or rather transform it into 'Harper's no Culture, Culture' MOTION's revival is even more important than ever. The historical articles of those formative years will help younger and new people understand the importance of what made and what continues to make our film, theatre and tv what it is today - American involvement, the difficulty of raising monies for Canadian movies, few theatres receptive to show our movies due to American hold on them and few tv stations willing to take Canadian product for fair monies still haunt Producers. When legislation demanded Canadian outlets play Canadian music in prime times, our music industry thrived and continues to produce dozens of great bands, musicians and music.

If theatres and tv stations were legislated to play Canadian content in prime time, like out music, our movies would have fair and reasonable chances to do as they did. Amereicans would loose hold of content. Canadian Movies and TV would soon enough hold the world's attention just like our music does now.

All that being said EVANCHUCK is looking for about ten missing MOTION magazines since he does not have a full set of the magazines produced - anyone with good pristine copies of MOTION contact Peter Evanchuck who is willing to pay up to $50. for good copies.

please go to  then click on MOTION MAGAZINE to see the copies we have - u will see all the covers displayed if u have one that is not displayed then contact Evanchuck at 

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