Monday, 12 September 2011

Peter Evanchuck & Nelson Adams second pic Peter E. taping music for Doc.

Producer/Director PETER EVANCHUCK with his Canon A1s and Rode shotgun mic documents NELSON ADAMS of Lincoln, NB narrating tales of his times in Lake Harbour, Baffin Island in the 1930's. Mr Adams was one of the first of five Canadians hired by the Hudson Bay Company to run their trading posts in the high arctic in the 1930's. Previously, they only hired Scotsmen from the northern Scottish islands who could handle the remoteness and weather of Canada's Arctic. Mr. Adams, a Newfoundland at the time, figures that he and the four others were hired by the Hudson Bay Company due to political pressures (the depression of the 1930's Canadians seeking jobs) and their choice of hiring Newfoundlanders who were from outports because they could stand the isolation and harsh conditions of the high Arctic as good as the Scots.

Filmmaker Evanchuck along with 4 or 5 scientists intend to sail next year from NB north along the coast to Nfld & Labrador then into the high arctic and arctic ocean heading thru the north west passage in a 32' C&C sailboat. 'We all think the passage will be clear enough of ice to allow a sail through' - this small adventure will be recorded by Evanchuck and narrated by Nelson Adams who recently celebrated his 95th birthday.


Producer/Director/cameraman Peter Evanchuck recording music tracks for his documentary THE DECLINE, FALL AND RISE OF PAYNE - a 30 min doc that traces the life of street poet Robert Payne over two winters 2010 and 2011.

This is called 'smartBUDGET' movie making, used to be called 'low' or 'no' budget moviemaking - as you can see my MACbook Pro 17" is on table with Lacie 1T remote HD - we screen a sequence - I babble about the 'feel' I'd like the sequence to invoke in the viewer then BROCK LEMINKSI and HEATHER MACDONALD would improvise on some of my suggestions - since they are very talented student musicians from UNB, then got it fast and furious. After only 3 hours we had laid all the music effects bed tracks and then worked on laying down some BACH they had already used in their final recitals for entry into advanced music studies at McGill - so they were happy with the money I paid them for 3 hours work - I was happy too since I got all my original and classical public domain music/music effects for my 30 min doc. - now that's 'fast and furious' moviemaking in the cowboy manner i.e. in the 'smartBUDGET' manner.  I used my CANON S1 and RODE shotgun to record both sound and image which is very easy to log and capture on FCPro - get rid of the image and only use sound where required - BINGO!!

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