Saturday, 13 January 2018

ya gotta be versatile since ART NEVER SLEEPS and since we live our normal lives and it's follies - the simple life of Candian artists

Well HELENE and I are versatile for sure - yesterday for example we did a CURB UR ENTHUSIASM mmoment.

We had to rebuild our recent side yard fence due to neighbour's roof snow piling up and pushing our fence apart. He put his tarp-shed against his garage directly on his property line and years back he removed his roof clips that hold the snow from sliding down and covering our property - well Larry David would have a field day dealing with neighbour events like that.

Nayway, onward we go with out 'art' recenly being accepted at the Shenkman Gallery in Orleans ( a 'burb of Ottawa ) as well, we have pieces at the ART HOUSE GAllery on Somerset and the Ottawa Gallery locally.

So although thse are 'art pieces' not movies they keep us creative. And with our latest creations MARVELOUS REALISM they actually sell so we get some coin to spend. These are photos of various interesting culture moments in time like the Abandoned Homes of NB and the Blueberry shacks on hwy 7 near Perth. These photos are embellished by Helene using traditional as well as modern photo shop techniques to creat a different 'feel' to the original images.

All very creative and interesting

of course i should mention that i'm creating mini-docs with a historical base i.e. the decline of river log runs on the Salmon River in NB and my kayaking the water flooded woods after the ice melt and the Spring floods of the Salmon RIver. And a group of docs dealing with mental illness, poverty and homelessness.

Today i hope to complete REMNANTS the river loggin mini-doc and move on to PIG GIRL in WONDERLAND which Helene not only is starring in but helping me make it both on camera and production assistant

then tucked away in my archives ihave this novel which i'm turning into a script WHY INJUN JOE KILLED MARY MOTHER OF GOD.

sooooo enough versatiity to keep all of us active and creative and accomplished

p.s. i perhaps should mention that all of this is depsite my lifelong fight with Cancer that has now spread into my spine - last week i went for two biospies the lower spine showed nothing alarming but the upper spine showed spread of my thyroid cancer into my spine and the collapse of vertebrae - so this week i'm off to meet with the neurosurgeon re surgery to reinforce that collapse after my robotic cyber radiation on the affected area.... my upper back still very sore from that upper back biopsie where they used hammer and chisel to get some bone fragments - very sore...

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