Tuesday, 2 January 2018


ahhh well - it's the CANCER - yes a modern health issue that so many of us have to endure and live with. In my case it's a lifelong problem that can NOT be eradicated so i have to make the best of my life while every 3 months i see the hematologist , the surgeon (4 major surgeries so far), and the oncologist to see if i'm gonna live another 3 months.

Creative work never sleeps, like rust, so the saying goes... and it's that type of work i've been gifted to accomplish.

Lately i've been creating with my life & creative partner, HELENE LACELLE, a series of photographs which we have developed creatively ( sorry for the excessive use of that word ) , the 'magic realism' developed in Mexico caught my attention years back and so using that as a 'muse' HELENE and I developed/created a new type of modern and traditional art form called 'MARVELOUS REALISM'

MARVELOUS REALISM combines my photographs with Helene's traditional art work and her amazing photo-shop embellishments - we've had numerous shows across the country and recently sent some accepted pieces to Venice as well. Sales are reasonable which is another plus indicating the acceptance and interest in our marvelous art work.

Now that long winded opening will get to my movie-making side. The side that inspires me a bit more - nothing wrong with a jpg but a mp4 is still more my love.

Since the cancer has slowed me down making feature length dramas seem to be too much for me these days, but; this is where my docs take over.

With the help of award winning editor, M.C. SARDA(The Fast Runner) and HELENE LACELLE , i accomplished making several longer length docs about a social subjecct close to my heart - mental illness and homelessness : MARKO's MANIA and THE POETRY OF PAYNE.

But even these proved to be difficult as my cancer progressed and an additonal 3 major surgeries/treatments really put me 'out of it' for a while and on my return to creative movie work, I discovered that mini docs on social/nature subjects could be accomplished even in my debilitated condition

Thus out sprang a plethora of mini docs on a variety of social and natural subjects. The latest is SOLITUDE where my love of kayaking and shooting digital image were combined to produce a very interesting 3 minute natural doc proving that 'art never sleeps'

p.s. please go to movieshandmade.com to see my shorts enjoy.

Peter Evanchuck 

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