Wednesday, 11 October 2017

how sweet it is - bldging fence few days back 80' of it 6' high in 8' secitons - not bad for a guy almost 80 and living with cancer - terribly sore back caused by hole in spine/cancer - hope all goes well today with markings and radiation

here i am a week back in backyard tearing down fence i built 25 years ago and with Helene's help building a new one in 8' sections on the flat then lifitng into place and topping with squared lattice attachement - now all up
including the trellises that i hand make from cedar strips cut from 1x6" by 8' NB cedar boards

great to have learned/developed these building skills - making our homes beautiful with creative designs hand build by HELENE and I - a big deal for us - i.e. it's like 'living art' 

so many people think art is something on a board hanging on a wall but in fact it's in our everyday lives - living among beauty is living among art i.e. aint' that grand folks

ok off the get my cancer radiation markings .... then 5 days of intense radiation - to kill spinal cancer development - hope all goes well and i get at least another 5 years of life

as said in ALICEinWONDERLAND 'so much to do so little time'

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