Thursday, 15 January 2015

CANCER back waiting for surgery - making PETER EVANCHUCK shorts ... honing my FCPro7 skills - will do more post during 42 days of radiation

ahhh it's a shock to be told that one's cancer has returned - especially after a couple years back i was told it was safe that it would not re-occur but it has... so been doing multiple tests,scans, etc and all point to a removal of the large tumours using surgery ( throat and thorax two surgical teams like that first time in 2007 ) meanwhile, i'm rushing along making these little shorts 'cause after the surgery i have daily radiation for 42 days ... and i'm not sure how active i'll be l thus, if i can think straight i can use these short to hone my skills on FCPro7

so far i've completed 3 shorts and hope to do a total of 6 which'll keep me totally busy during my convalescing ... good luck to me and to all those who suffer from the same illness.

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