Wednesday, 28 October 2020

 my own private nightmare then along came digital

First there was film ... expensive, time consuming and get ur wallet out

it's impossible when u're a DIY person to fortell the future of each work from start to finish 'cause some of it is a learned experience and u go along make some mistakes and then learn not to make them again... that's the secret pleasure of hard working DIY folks.

well one can pocket the large charges most 'professionals' charge so that $70. or $90 hourliy rate can go into ur own personal projects like movie making which means u don't really have to rely on any others for moola and that means the enormous problems and slow downs associated with trying to raise money for ur movie will instead be spent on the creative side of 'making the movie'

I know too many others who spend years or never trying to raise the big bucks they think they need 'cause so many think they need big crews but digital has changed all that ... made it so much easy to be a team of two or three than was dreamt of ten years earlier.

Often i'm a team of one and with wireless or shotgun mics capture useable sound and image that i load into my iMac27 and away i go focussed totally on the creative side of it all and not on the financial/legal side of it all. 

go digital boys it's easy....


Monday, 7 September 2020



Digital caused a flourish of major movie making interest ... perhaps too much and too many. So many videos - so few ideas... as someone once outlined and I paraphrase.

The vast outpouring didn't make an astounding original flow of amazing ways to make movies with real life content without the mediocre sway of huge studio interference... the happy ending syndrome.

Recently i re-watched FOUR BROTHERS which started out as a rather unique and interesting American feature but ended in a sad display of soup opera results. As it flowed along it became more and more predictably a copy of movies u've seen before several times.

Unfortunately this decline seems to be the 'cater to the lower end' type of holywoody movie too often seen in recent decades.

Some very interesting 'film noir' movies were made in America in the 30's and 40' that are now displayed on youtube free.

I recently watched all the Basil Rathburne Sherlock Holmes movies and much to my surprise since they were made from 1939 to 1946, they were well made and interesting to watch. Certainly they are as good as the more recent Granada's versions featuring Brett as Sherlock.

Anyway, volume is not always the answer and often the damage done... so many images float around everyone's world and most of it cliche ridden nonsense; so, those old Sherlock's seem worth one's time.

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

FINALIST BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY - FLORENCE FILM AWARDS - Congratulations Peter Evanchuck & Helene Lacelle

Dear Peter Evanchuck & Helene Lacelle, filmmakers

Congratulations! Your unique documentary IN SANE 2020  is a Finalist for the Florence Film Awards.

This means that your project received a very high score from our jury and is eligible for further award consideration.

We appreciate the high quality and serious content of your documentary. Mental Illness is a severe and toll taking illness with repercussions that affect entire communities. The personal approach your documentary offers the viewer is distinctly different from the usual psychological distant view so many other documentaries take.

Thursday, 12 March 2020

IN SANE - Official Selection in MOSCOW Shorts Internation Film Festival

Using our own limited resources what started as a home movie 20 years, 20,000k's later IN SANE becomes a real and raw documentary: not rehearsed or scripted, we shot what unfolded as MARCO revealed his life as a bi polar, photographer travelling across Canada photographing UNESCO world heritage sites  living the life he loved as healing therapy.
the title IN SANE indicates that SANITY AND INSANITY are combined in the life of a bi-polar.

 congratulations again on your official selection 'IN SANE'! 
Your project has been listed on our website and social media accounts. Here are the links:

Saturday, 4 January 2020

'Searching for a Beautiful Bachelor' SILVER AWARD Winner - Atlanta Spotlight FilM Festival


Congratulations to Film Co-op members Peter Evanchuck and Helene Lacelle. Their SWFF screened short Searching for a Beautiful Bachelor was selected by judges at the Atlantic Spotlight Festival as a Silver Award winner in the documentary category. This win means an automatic place in the awards ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia.

Friday, 9 August 2019


Director/cameraman Peter Evanchuck tries to convince a zombie to be in the Bachelor movie WITH no luck. (photo credit HELENE LACELLE)

Making a docudrama on the run - theSEARCHforaBEAUTIFUL BACHELOR.
The low budget and almost no budget filmmaker seeks to create a reasonable atmosphere that gives a desirable quality and feel to the film that makes it ‘watchable.’
Since I believe in the location search and like ‘run&gun’ filmmaking and love traveling, the two can help this ideal filmmaking experience happen.
‘Money ain’t everything,’ said the Hatter to Alice.
Beauty shots enlighten the eyes of the viewer, and at times, they might help the viewer to behold an entirely new world that appeals to them.
  Helene Lacelle hugs 'yeaRofPIG' in NiagaraFalls, Ontario. (Photo by Peter Evanchuck)

Eyeball attractive locations that enhance your film and get bums in the seats, so the people at WARNER take notice. Did you know that the Warner brothers originated in Hull,  Quebec?
PS: keep your eyes open in case our film snags a spot in the upcoming  NB Silver Wave Film Festival.

Thursday, 21 February 2019


 Helene Lacelle and ZOLTAR, her mentor helping her find a Beautiful Bachelor in Evanchuck's docudramedy, 'THE SEARCH FOR A BEAUTIFUL BACHELOR.' (Photo by Peter Evanchuck)
By Peter Evanchuck
Recently Soderbergh’s ‘UNSANE’ created a stir in the film community since his half dozen or so DOP’s all used iphones to create the media and after spending a million on making it, he released it.
It’s release wasn’t to his satisfaction since it sort of bombed at the box. His response to this was rather remarkable to we Canadian filmmakers.
He had only $20 million for marketing/promotion of the feature. That he states, wasn’t enough. He assures his readers that at least $30 million is necessary to create the buzz needed to get the bums in the seats of theatres across the U.S.
These costs are absurd to any Canadian filmmaker since no one ever or seldom gets that kind of money – even to make the feature.
My little movies struggle like I do with my cancer to get out and about in a very controlled American domination of our theatres and media outlets.
All that aside, I and others have used digital to continue to ‘tell our stories’ and use whatever outlets we can to expose those tales to interested viewers. The problem of course is how to make some rent money to pay the bills.
At the present I’m roaming from Ontario to Nova Scotia shooting scenes for my latest docudramedy ‘THE SEARCH FOR A BEAUTIFUL BACHELOR.’
The story is revealed partly with documentary footage, dramatic footage all with a sensible sense of humour.
And that my fellow videographers is where this filmmaker stands firmly in the grip of low budget movie making like so many other Canadians who have a yearning to understand life around them.
PS: i just heard that Netflix intends to open a major studio in Toronto. Perhaps taxfree Netflix might have to pay some taxes into the media fund and fund more Canadian storytellers.
  Helene Lacelle on location in Moscow (Ottawa's Lansdown Park Pavillion plays Red Square) in scene from 'CanadianPIGgirl,' Evanchuck's feature drama now in post. (Photo by Peter Evanchuck)
  Director Peter Evanchuck on location in Niagara Falls sitting with a bachelor Zombie discussing life (Photo by Helene Lacelle)

Sunday, 16 December 2018

THE BIG EASY how america feeds it's filmmakers - Soderberghs UNSANE shot by 8 dop's on iphone 7's

The fim Unsane. shot with an iPhone 7. was Soderbergh entering into a completely new era... sort of.
Those of us who are low or no budget filmakers viewed digital as our miracle creative helper - we could get access to the equipment through the Film Co-op for a steal of a deal or buy it used at a very reasonsble price, and make movies for peanauts and some chicken feed. Which for some of us meant no more chasing the beaurotcrats at various funding agencies pleading for money to make our films to create our dreams, thoughts and ideas of Canada to Canadians... how novel, eh?
For we low/no budget filmakers the film, Unsane became our flag raised high. Here was a great director making movies with an iPhone 7 or so I thought. Ok, making films with 7 iPhones and 7 camera people but making them for a million dollar budget...well well.
I was saddened when I found out on IMBD that the financing for Unsane is 1.5 million budget. I was disppointed because a million bucks in Canada means an enormous budget that few of us ever manage to raise to make our films.
Soderbergh of course has such a great track record and the fact that he’s a US filmmaker means that he has financing and distribution  and promotion with one phone call. Something that would never happen to a Canadian filmmaker since we never get the opportunity to create a track record of such huge proportions .... we don’t have Hollywoody North only beaurocrats and a very diminished NFB. We don’t even have talk shows where independents can voice their creative projects while the US has hundreds of promotional shows that highlight creative people.
I wondered, how did Soderbergh use all that money since he was using rented iPhone 7’s? Since much of the money for digital is in post and I can’t find out how all that money was spent on post. I surmised it was probably locations, actors, crew and post but a million bucks, that ain’t chicken feed.
Anyway you look at it, being famous before going for money is very helpful, being UNfamous like most Canadians isn’t. How the hell are we ever going to convince Netflix to pay taxes and support Canadian films which I think would be good for everybody.
That’s not INSANE that’s UNSANE...